Can I Use Imessage On Phone If I Have Android?

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  Posted by Guest - Can I Use Imessage On Phone If I Have Android? :
All of my friends in my band are sending group text chat and they all have iphones. They tried to add me but it keeps saying that I am not registered with imessage.
How can I connect to imessage with android if I have a different phone?

Guest Says:
No, imessage is a feature built into iphones and it makes all messages free, so it recongizes that you dont have imessage so it automatically sends as regular text sms message. You still get the text of course, but any features that are built into imessage you will not see like group chatting features.

Guest Says:

Dont forget that if you mean they are sending imessage on an iPod or iPad, which they can do even if they dont have any monthly plan they are paying for, then you cant get texts from them unless you have imessage as they dont have data plans. Remember imessage is free and can even be sent with an iPod or an iPad. It will send over wifi if they dont have any plans with carrier, so anyone with an iOS device can still text without paying.

Guest Says:
Does imessage only work over WIFI?

Guest Says:
No, imessage works over wifi or celltower. Any texts sent via imessage do not count against your messaging count even if you have a text plan. If you have no celltower connection and have no monthly plan you are paying for, you can still send over wifi free to anyone else that has iphone, ipad, ipod (and probably apple watch in the future I'm sure).

That why even if in another country you can send imessages free without even having any type of international cellphone plan.

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