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  Posted by Guest - How To Get A Flat Stomach :
I feel like I am a healthy weight, but the thing is, I've been eating so much lately and I really want to get a flat stomach. I never gain much weight as I have a fast metabolism. I'm getting chubby on my stomach and I used to have a flat stomach.

I don't like it this way but how do people get flat stomachs?  Are there any apps that you can set your goals?
I will start working out but I'm really not sure what exercises to do. My stomach used to be alot flatter and even though I didnt gain weight its not the same anymore.

Please help

Guest Says:
First off, forget the app, you dont need an app to get you in shape.  You just need some common sense as everyone is looking for an easy way out.

Ask yourself this.  Is it to much to ask to walk 40 minutes a day?  Anyone can do this outside, and everyone has sidewalks or fields around them to do this. Even if it was 40 minutes walking a 100 yards, turning around walking back, etc until 40 minutes is up.  ANYONE can do that.

Thats a great start and can be done everyday, and you should always walk like you are "late for work".  Meaning dont just casually stroll, walk with a purpose, its a great life long hobby and you can tweak it up to an hour eventually if you want.

A good rule of thumb is a fast walk is 1 mile every 15 minutes.  So a 45 minute walk is a 3 mile walk.  

Guest Says:

Here is a good diet plan that I use.

There are many things that taste great even if you the same thing you eat now. For example if eating a burger, order it with ketchup or mustard instead of mayo. Its still tastes great, and removing mayo probably got rid of 15 grams of fat. Get hamburgers instead of cheeseburgers.  The cheese adds alot of calories and fat especially with fast food.

If ordering pizza, get low fat cheese on it. Its still really good and you are offloading alot of fat.

If cooking chicken at home, cooking the chicken breasts, or eat tuna fish. If you eat miracle whip at home, use low fat miracle whip.  

In many cases that doesnt mean all these things are good for you, but being smart about it you can still eat things you like while offloading alot of extra fat.  Start by combing that with your walking plan above.

Guest Says:
Flat stomachs are often more genetics then just working out or dieting also. Some people are this way naturally so it takes little effor for them to keep a flat stomach.

Jay Says:
Dont walk on the road like some of these morons I see doing that.  

What helps me is using an ipod shuffle, they are tiny and dont cost much and hold 2 gig of music. It helps the time go by when walking or jogging.

As stated above some people dont like to jog or walk to far from home in case its going to rain etc. In that case go half the distance and reverse and walk back towards home, then turn and go back so you do it twice.  Thats a good plan for that.

Guest Says:
Keep in mind you should be hungry at times during the day.  You cant lose weight if you are always full.  Being hungry is a good thing and you should always be hungry when you wake up in the morning.  Eating a bunch of food before sleeping isnt good!

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