Lifting Weights And Taking Statins

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  Posted by Guest - Lifting Weights And Taking Statins :
Does lifting weights ever cause injuries for anyone else when they are taking statins for high cholesterol?

Guest Says:
It definitely caused all kinds of injuries for me, everything from arm curls to running on treadmill was causing tweaks and pulled calf muscles that I never had before. I took crestor and tried 2 other statins, same result on all of them. I had to stop taking them and when I did, everything got better and the injuries stopped reoccurring. The thing that made me realize it was so many different weight lifting injuries were occurring, it wasnt just once thing but many different injuries.  Statins definitely will affect you, or at least the statins will definitely affect some people different then others.

Guest Says:
Pulled calf muscles definitely occur with some people taking statins. I know someone that was always running and was constantly getting calf muscle tweaks after he started taking statins.

Guest Says:
Dont trust everything your doctor says.  I can tell you MANY times over the years they told me stuff that turned out to be wrong, whether its blood pressure pills or cholesterol pills they act like they have all the answers but I'm telling you they dont.  Find a different doctor if they are not open to discussing it and being open minded.

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