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  Posted by ann - Charging :
I just ask if my ipod shuffle 2nd generation is totally charging when
my apple ipod 2nd generation is blinking orange but not faster it is slow blinking. Is it charging?

Guest Says:
Yes its charging, my ipod did that too and eventually when I unplugged it, the light was green meaning it was fully charged.

Another thing you can do is open itunes just for the heck of it.  On older versions that would make the light go solid orange on the ipod instead of just blinking orange but either way it was actually charging it.

ann Says:
its turn solid green.  i unplug in the itunes when i turn on its doesnt work and no lights.. what can i do?

ann Says:
im sorry i mistaken. it is color solid yellow when i plug on my computer. what yellow lights  means in my ipod shuffle 1 GB. is it charging? i've always plug on the computer but when i turn on. no lights. what i will do.. please help me

Guest Says:
My guess is your batter is gone if you disconnect and it still wont turn on, especially if it was green light when connected to computer.  Thats rare with ipod shuffle though, I have had an ipod shuffle for probably 7 years and the battery is still good.

Guest Says:
ipod shuffle's battery uses last a very long time!

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