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  Posted by bruce - Aol Emails But No Text :


Here's the deal -I can get open AOL emails. No problem with that. The problem comes when I wan to read the email - there's NO text. just an empty space. to makes things even weirder, if there's an attachment to the email, I can download it all right and read it. It's only the text of the email proper that's missing.

can anyone help? is there some kindly email-savvy soul out there who can troubleshoot me into a safe landing?. has anyone one so much as even HEARD of this problem? no one I've asked so far has.

to make things weirder, it's only on a particular netbook that I have this problem. on my other machines, which include a macbook and a laptop, I find I can get my emails all right ... with the text. that suggests the problem lies with something specific to this particular machine (a MSI U100 netbook).

it's obviously got nothing to do with AOL. The email service seems to be okay too, otherwise I wouldn't be able to open and read it on my other machines. To make things weirder still, the machine works fine in other respects - accessing online sites, opening texts stored on thumbdrives, writing and storing texts.

So it's got to be the machine, and this machine only.

the problem started from one day to the next when I was travelling around China last year. Previously I had no trouble with this netbook. Could it be that President Xi has gamed my machine for reasons best known to himself? By why still now, long after I've left China?

so please contact if you think you can diagnose the problem and, better still, suggest a fix. Or maybe you just happen to have President Xi's call number ...?

Bruce Allen in Tübingen, Germany (Jan 17, 2016)

here's how to reach me:

Guest Says:
I have aol email and I just checked it, the text shows fine. Send yourself an email and you should see the text there.

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