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  Posted by Guest - How To Remove Wart On Hand :
I have 3 small warts on my hand by my knuckles.  Can these warts actually spread?

Guest Says:
Also I meant to ask how do I get rid of these warts at home?  I dont want to go to a dermatologist to get rid of them but wondering how can I eliminate the warts at home.

JZee Says:
You can do what I did, and this method worked. I had 3 small warts all close together and I put duct tape over them.  The duct tape holds surprisingly tight, it doesn't fall off after 1 day like you think it would, but here is how I did it.

For size of duct tape for example if the warts are taking up space about a half inch all together, then cut a piece of duct tape about 1 inch square to easily cover all 3 (or if just 1 wart then use enough to cover that one easily).

You will be surprised that after 4 days the warts are much SMALLER.  I dont know why that works but something seems to suffocate the skin and your body just tries to eliminate that area I think, but its obvious how much smaller the warts get.

Just keep doing it for a month or two and they will be gone completely.  Bigger warts may take longer I'm guessing.

JZee Says:
Dont call it duck tape either, its "duct tape" and its not about ducks.  lol

Guest Says:
I had warts by my knuckle on back of my hand and also several warts on the underside of my wrist. These were all very small, I just went to a dermatologist to remove the warts because it was worth it just to get it over with. They froze them with the liquid nitrogen and they never came back so it was done.

Guest Says:
Try a combination of the wart remover liquid you put on it, with duct tape covering it after that.  It will get rid of it.  Make sure the wart remover liquid (you can buy anywhere) is just on the wart and then duct tape can cover a little larger area.

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