How To Copy Photos From Iphone To Computer

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  Posted by Guest - How To Copy Photos From Iphone To Computer :
I have a windows desktop computer and I want to backup all my photos to the computer.  How can I save my photos there?

By the way not through itunes, I just want to copy the photos and nothing else, outside of itunes.

Guest Says:
I do this all the time, just connect the iphone to your windows computer, open windows explorer, and you will see a folder named "owners iphone" appear or something like that based on what you named your iphone. Go into those folders and you will see photos within that folder chain, cut and paste (or copy instead of cut if you dont want the photos deleted from iphone).

Guest Says:
To use windows explorer, this screenshot shows you what it looks like below. The owners iphone below appears automatically 5 seconds or so after connecting your iphone (you may have a different name of course). The folders on the right will show you all your pictures when you click the folders. You can also cut and paste to not only move them to your computer as backup but it will delete all them from your iphone also all in one move.

Guest Says:

Hey how did you put those red arrows in your pictures pointing to that folder?

Guest Says:
How did I put them there?  I used this app for those arrows

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