Iphone Says I Have No Storage Left

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  Posted by Guest - Iphone Says I Have No Storage Left :
My iPhone tells me my storage is full and I cant take any videos without getting this message.  How do I get storage back as I deleted photos but it still gives me this storage full message.

Guest Says:
If you have a ton of photos, go through all your photos and delete the ones you dont want, many keep junk photos around and you can delete alot that you dont want.  Then go into your recycle bin and delete from there.  

If you have a ton of videos then thats definitely a space problems as videos can be LARGE.  Any pictures or videos you want to save should be copied to your computer, then deleted off your phone.  Then check your space, if it still shows that the space didnt get freed, then turn the iphone off and back on.  

Guest Says:
You can use icloud for storage but you can easily just copy to PC or mac, thats what I do

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