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  Posted by Guest - Windows 10 - Programs Pause Before Opening :
I just upgrade to windows 10 and programs are pausing for a second before opening, there is a delay everytime I try to open a program or app.  What is causing this, programs opened instantly before this upgrade

It runs fast once opened, its just a long pause before opening

DDan Says:
I had this exact same problem, it seems like everything started waiting to open and would have a delay before programs opened.  It drove me nuts so I started trying stuff.
I ended up going through all the GARBAGE privacy invasion stuff that microsoft put in their OS and started turning everyting OFF.  IT FIXED IT!!!!

Guest Says:
Here is some of the things I did, not sure which one exactly is the right one but I have NO delay now when I open programs

Go to start - settings
   Turn off all notification stuff in the system icon.
   Under the update and security - advanced options - set it to notify to schedule restart

Under choose how updates are delivered, turn it off.

Under privacy I turned almost all that crap OFF.  

This is what I did, I dont remember all of them but I started turning off all the garbage that microsoft turned on.  

One more important thing that I think might have been the biggest cause, under settings - privacy - general, turn off ALL those, especially the microsoft keylogger crap where it says send microsoft info about how I write.  This is logging your keystrokes and I think this might have been what was causing the biggest program delay or pause everytime I opened a program.  Now its fast again.

Guest Says:
everything is pausing before opening, basically pausing for a second or more on my PC

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