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  Posted by Guest - Iphone Erase All Content And Settings - Box Shakes :
I am selling my iphone so I want to wipe it but when I go into erase all content and settings, its asks for my password and I enter it (which I'm sure is correct) and the box shakes.  Its acting like the password is wrong but the box does that shake or wobble like something is wrong.  How can I erase all content and settings if I cant get past this?

Guest Says:
Try signing out of icloud in the settings first so find my iphone is no longer on it.

Guest Says:
I already did remove find my iphone alot earlier so thats definitely not an issue there

Guest Says:
I found it!  I had to connect it to wifi in order to get the password to verify in icloud.  Once I connected to wifi in the settings, then I did "erase all content and settings" and it asked me for my icloud password and then took it no problem.  No more box shake! :)   The iphone is now wiped.

Thanks all

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