Imessage Not Working On Wifi Only

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  Posted by Guest - Imessage Not Working On Wifi Only :
Hello and thank you for your attention to this query regarding an iPhone 6+. I live in the U.S., but am currently visiting a foreign country, so I put my phone into Airplane mode and then turned on wifi so I may still use features such as iMessage without incurring cellular charges. However, the messages won't go through. When I try to send a message the phone indicates I should either turn off Airplane mode, or switch on wifi (as stated earlier I have already turned on the wifi mode). What make this particularly odd, is I believe messages do still come through to me, but I just can't respond to them. Also, other apps such as Skype, BBC News, Mail, etc. work flawlessly. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Guest Says:
Try to turn airplane mode off and turn cellular data off, then turn wifi on after that and try it.  

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