IRS Phone Call. Is it fake or scam?

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  Posted by Guest - IRS Phone Call. Is It A Scam? :
I received an IRS phone call saying that I'm going to be sued and arrested, I assume this is a scam. Does anyone know if the IRS would call and threaten this way?

Guest Says:
That is definitely just a scam call.  No, the IRS would not call and ever say things like that.  Most likely its an international caller using a fake number to make it look like an IRS phone number.  You can just ignore it, thats a scam call.

Guest Says:
Yeah it was a private number on the phone call so that made me think its fake

Guest Says:
You can always just google the IRS phone number (NEVER use the number the scamm caller gives you) and call them to confirm its fake if you are concerned.

Guest Says:
Other IRS scam tricks:

Contacting you by email.  The IRS does not do this.

Sometimes the scam works by saying you will go to jail, revoke your license, any excuse they can think of.  They sometimes hand up and call back actiing like they are the police department in your area etc.  Dont believe any of that garbage as no one does this on the phone like that, and certainly not the I.R.S.

They may know your last 4 digits of social security number, dont trust what they tell you.

Scammers fake the IRS toll free number so your caller ID looks real.

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