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  Posted by Guest - Imessage - Email Address Cannot Be Removed :
I have my imessage setup to go to my phone number but after upgrading my iphone it put my email address (icloud email ID) on there also.  I tried to remove the email address and it gives me the message that says the email address cannot be removed.

How do you get I rid of the email on imessage???

Guest Says:
Go into the top section on that screen where it shows your icloud ID.  Tap on log out of icloud or whatever that message says there I forget.  Then go back out, then back into imessage (you may need to turn imessage back on after doing that) and you will see the email address is now removed. It should your phone number only there now.

Guest Says:
I think you can also just turn imessage off, then remove the email address, then turn imessage back on but I have not tried doing that.

Guest Says:
You want it to show phone number only for imessage, most that have email on imessage are those using ipod or ipod touch I mean.

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