Microsoft Visio Shapes Wont Move

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  Posted by Guest - Microsoft Visio Shapes Wont Move :
I'm using Visio and it was working fine, now all of a sudden the objects in my visio diagram wont drag or move? I dont think I've seen this happen before, it acts like it wants to drag, but as soon as I move my cursor the visio diagram just keeps the shapes locked in place.  I looked through the visio settings and I dont see anywhere that may be have the diagram locked.  

Any idea how to get this fixed?

Guest Says:
What version of Visio?

Guest Says:
Microsoft Visio 2010

Guest Says:
Try holding down the escape key while you click the visio object to drag it, I've had this problem and thats how I fixed it.  It will then unlock it so you can drag the shapes around just like you before

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