Is It Safe To Write Passwords Down On Paper?

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  Posted by Guest - Is It Safe To Write Passwords Down On Paper? :
I forget my passwords alot and wondering people think about putting passwords down on paper.  Is it that big of a deal if I write passwords on paper?

Guest Says:

It is probably fine as long as you dont have them sitting next to your monitor. If your place got robbed you dont want an entire password list of your bank passwords sitting there.

Put them in a box in the closet or something like that where you can lookup the password if needed.  That way if someone found the box they wouldnt know its a password to a bank or what it is.  In other words, dont write wells fargo password xxxxxxx but just have the password only written on the paper.

Guest Says:

Do what I do, I put passwords on paper and store them in a storage room so I can get them if needed, but the key thing is its only part of it, there is always a word on the beginning that is the same for every password I use, but its NEVER written down.

For example if a bank password was bluecloud45 then even if someone found a password, they might see that but what they dont know is every password I have starts with the word cup. Its never written anywhere, its just that I know that keyword. So even though someone might think bluecloud45 is the password its really cupbluecloud45 ... that way even if stolen or discovered, and they actually knew what site the password was for (remember thats not written down either), it still wouldn't work unless they knew a keyword was at the beginning

Guest Says:

Also, for a critical password like a bank account or icloud account or stuff like that, always make sure your password has numbers in it.  ALWAYS.  Whether numbers at the end or beginning or middle.

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