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  Posted by Guest - What Are Cool Things To Ask Siri :
I'm looking for Siri phrases that are good phrases to know about.

Normally the main one I tell Siri is
Wake me at 7am

Then it just plays sound at 7am until you shut it off. What are some others.

Guest Says:
A good one to ask siri is when you are somewhere that you need to remember something but cant write it down, just say "make a note .... blah blah blah" and it writes the note and saves it automatically.

Guest Says:
I use Siri for things like this:

When looking for food:
Are there any pizza places nearby
Are there any burger places nearby

When looking for gas:
How far to the closest gas station

When traveling on the road etc:
How far am I away from Daytona Beach

Guest Says:
Ask it to go to any setting vs finding it yourself, like go to wifi settings and it will open that screen

Guest Says:
Ask what is 1 trillion to the 10th power.  LOL

Guest Says:
Ask Siri what is 1 million divided by zero, its funny.

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