Why Has My Throat Been Sore So Long?

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  Posted by Guest - Why Is My Throat Always Raw? :
My throat feels really raw or sore but I dont have a cold and I'm not sick, just really sore throat or more like a raw feeling all the time.  

The doctor gave me medication for post nasal drip, but its wierd my throat has never had anything like this before, now suddenly I have a constant sore throat. Has anyone had this happen?  I definitely dont want to take medication for that if I dont have to but it seems odd I dont even have anything type of cold or cough that normally comes with sort throats

Guest Says:
I'll pass along some potentially valueable information in case you have the same thing I did.  I know it sounds far fetched, but I had the same constant raw and sore throat like you are talking about even though my sinuses were clear, no cough or anything.  Curry powder, which I eat often because I make my own soup, can cause post nasal drip and can make your throat really raw to the point where you need to go to the doctor if you dont know the cause.
Anyways I have this happen often now but its no big deal because I know the cause. It goes away within 24 hours after you stop eating it. Its back to a 100% roughly 24 hours later. With me its probably magnified because I make big batches of stuff and eat leftovers for days in a row.

I also put alot of spices in stuff and I cut back on curry now, so maybe other spices can do it to, but specifically curry was the one I read about and I can tell you this ws happening to me often and now its easy for me to get rid of it once it appears, and its amazing because it never fails that it happens when I'm eating the same type of leftovers that have all those spices in it, specifically curry powder.

Guest Says:
Dont gargle water every morning in the shower. I was doing that as a habit daily and my throat got REALLY sore a few months after doing that. It was painfull, not like when you have a cold but just painfull to even swallow with no other cold symptoms.  I thought it was having whisky drink at night that was causing it :)  I had that sore throat for many days and got tested at the doctor for strep throat, I was just glad it wasnt that. I finally guessed that maybe that gargling is wearing off the protective mucous lining in my throat, I have no idea if it does that or not, but I can tell you when I stopped gargling water every morning my painfull throat got better and better and never returned again.  Needless to say I wont do that bad habit again.

Guest Says:
I think if you are always gargling water it removes that protective coating in your throat (just my guess) because my throat was constantly sore after that, once I stopped gargling in 3 or 4 days it was really improved almost 100%.  Thats the only thing I can figure is it removed that mucous coating that protects the throat so I wont be doing that daily anymore thats for sure.  Its probably ok once in a while but not all the time.

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