Do I Need To Use Icloud On My Iphone?

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  Posted by Guest - Do I Need To Use Icloud On My Iphone? :
Why do I need to use icloud?

I keep reading about icloud and storage and wondering what is stored there?  Why do I have to use this or does it even matter if my iphone doesnt have it.

Guest Says:

No you dont "need" it, I dont use it at all. If you want you can backup to icloud as you get quite a bit of storage free, but I just connect my iphone to the computer and backup in itunes. You should always do backups, whether you do it in itunes or icloud is up to you.

Its more of a convenient way to do a backup without connecting to computer.  If you dont backup then are you ok with losing all your contacts and photos etc if your phone is dropped and broken?  I doubt it, so make sure you backup once in a while whether you use itunes or icloud is up to you.

Guest Says:
One thing you should make sure you have on your iphone though is find my iphone which is from Apple and its free, so download it if you dont have it. It allows you to always see where your phone is and disable it if its stolen.

Guest Says:
If you ever want to view your icloud to see what you have backed up there, you can view it from any computer.  Just go to and log on.

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