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  Posted by luke - Ipad 2 Mini :
It has an onscreen keypad which has options to switch between alpha and numerical. I need to find the "dash" symbol and cannot do so. I have found in the numerical option a symbol which looks like a "dash" yet i think it must be a "Minus" symbol. I need a dash as part of a code and the "Minus" which looks like a "dash" is rejected as invalid every time.
Such a simple thing? Does not seem so, can anyone help me? Thank you

Guest Says:
Its there are on the ipad mini if you click the keypad, then click the 123 in the bottom life, then you will see the dash next to the plus sign.  So its - sign and + sign ... but that minus sign is the same as your dash sign.

luke Says:
Thank you "Guest" for your help. I had tried to explain i had already found the minus symbol (Where you said it would be) However i need to use a dash in the login code for getting my ipad onto the wifi network. Although they look the same there must be a differing value for the minus symbol for it is rejected as a valid dash by the wifi security conection. I have tried it several times with meticulous attention to detail all to no avail. I also tried a japaneese keyboard which had what looks like a dash and it must also have differing value for it also was rejected. Please do not forget my problem i do so much need your so timely assistance, frankly at a loss this end. Thank you and have a good day

Guest Says:
They are assumed the same.  If they weren't then you could never use a computer keyboard, because there isnt 2 different keys.

Guest Says:
Hypen, dash or minus are all the same.  Unicode values are different for each though.

luke Says:
Hi Guest, thank you for that follow up. We seem to be in agreement of the avalability of symbol for dash and minus, i suspected it must be the code values which is causing the "Invalid" response when i attempt to enter the code to enable my conection to the wifi network. Which brings me back to the problem of how to enter a "dash" that has the value which is considered as "Valid".
I had thought of the "If Only" i was able to copy from my pc to apple the corect data and then paste it in on the wifi conection input location. Two problems ? 1:  copy documents from pc to apple.i dont know how that may be possible and i would like to know. 2) At the wifi conection location it will not allow a "Paste" anyway!
So not really moving to a solution as yet and it is a time of "Watch this space" Hopefully some little wrinkle in the grey cells will get an "Ahah" moment. In the meantime i take this oportunity to say thank you once again for your consideration of my problem.

Guest Says:
I would actually change the login to the router and dont use any dashes (and do it from the windows computer if it works from there) to eliminate confusion if that is what is causing the issue. Its a pain to change the password but well worth it to eliminate the time spent trying to get around the issue.

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