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  Posted by Guest - Omron Blood Pressure Cuff Gives E1 Error :
I bought an Omron blood pressure cuff at Walgreens (it also says intellisense on it) and its complete garbage, I get E1 errors everytime I use it.  Now when I look up that error messsage it says the cuff isnt air tight so air is coming out somewhere.  This was also one of the more expensive cuffs and this garbage stopped working after only 6 months.

I just checked online and see many complaints with the E1 error with this same blood pressure cuff, I sure wish I had checked to see if people were getting these error messages before I bought this, now I need to buy a different brand. (But then again most online reviews are garbage or fake posts so normally I dont trust those, but everyone is saying E1 error just like my BP cuff is now doing repeatedly)

Guest Says:
I see some saying online also to plug in the blood pressure cuff but mine is ALWAYS plugge din.

Guest Says:
what I do on mine, I got that same e1 error message on my bloodpressure cuff and I started experimenting to get it to work.  If I pinch the valve where it connects to the sleeve just as its filling up with air, then I let go as it starts to read, then it works.  It seems to be a cheap connection there, probably made in china.

Guest Says:
I ended up throwing out the omron BP cuff that I had, it was always getting errors and I didnt even have it for a year.  I bought the panasonic blood pressure cuff and never looked back, its a 100 times better and works really fast.  I like the fact it has the cuff that wraps around the arm instead of that D ring thing the omron BP cuff had.  

Autumn Watson Says:
I bought my blood pressure monitor 10 month ago. It says error 1 and i can hear air get out from cuff.
This is expensive than other Brand.

Omron made in China no good.please don't but omron brand.

Guest Says:
Autumn, look at the panasonic blood pressure monitor on amazon, thats where I got mine and haven't had an issue yet

Guest Says:
The Omron blood pressure monitors are absolute garbage. I get an E1 message every time I use it.

Bob Says:
I also get at least one E1 error every time I use it.

Tom Says:
I get the E1 message when the cuff is not on tight. Seems the valve senses there is no resistance.

Guest Says:
One thing I realized is that checking my blood pressure all the time makes me panic more.  lol Plus if you check it after eating or having a beer it usually is high, so you have to be carefull about when you actually check it to get a good reading.

Ed Says:

   E I appears if I push the start button before putting
the cuff on my arm. Omron makes a good monitor.

Guest Says:
E1 error happens when the cuff is too loose. Tighten the cuff just a bit, and it should work.

Mountain Says:
I'm getting E1 on my blood pressure monitor and nothing is happening, it's only 6 months old

Vern Says:
Get E1 and gives only pulse. Less than 1 year old junk.

Guest Says:
Guess what after getting rid of my ormon BP monitor (threw it in garbage after 7 months or so), I have never had one issue with the new one I bought (different brand). I wish I had just bought the other to begin with.

Guest Says:
E1 simply means the cuff is not tight enough on your arm. Release the cuff, retighten it down and it'll work fine.

Guest Says:
I get the E1 errors about 5 out of every 6 tries, so by the time the monitor works, I'm so frustrated and irritated that I'm pretty sure my BP is significantly elevated.  Not what you want in a monitor...

Guest Says:
lol !  I know the feeling that the previous poster just posted ....

Guest Says:
I got my omron at wallgreens it is garbage they will not stand behid it

Guest Says:
I feel like my blood pressure is higher because I'm always nervous checking it.  Don't check your blood pressure after eating or drinking either as that makes it go higher temporarily, get an average over entire day, once early morning, once mid day, and once at night, do this over multiple days for your average and dont base blood pressure on just 1 check

Elizabeth Says:
Omrol is a total piece of junk. I keep cuff tight, pinched the air hose where it joins the cuff, plugged and unplugged the darned thing - all the suggestions above - and all I get is E1. This thing worked for about a week, then I started getting the error message, now I get NOTHING but the error message. I want my money back!

Guest Says:
I just experienced the same problem E1.
After I read many comments I found out I should tighten the hand cuff. Its working properly and perfectly now.

Guest Says:
I was getting the E1 error right out of the box. Checked online for answer here. I tightened cuff. Now it works fine. Iím happy now

Guest Says:
The problem is with that U shape cuff, its hard to tighten the cuff. Tried it many ways and didnt seem to work.

Guest Says:
This BP monitor worked great at first then started giving inaccurate readings and E1 code. Canít figure out ho to make it work. It was very expensive so I thought it would be less of a problem not true at all. Piece of junk. Got it at CVS. They donít stand behind it.

Guest Says:
My BP monitor is two weeks old. I started getting the E1  messaged today. Cuff is on tight and there doesn't seem to be a problem. Could it be where the hose plugs into the actual monitor?

Guest Says:
If your monitor is only 2 weeks old I would return, you are still within the 30 day window.  Get a different brand as others have stated, at least they dont have any issues with it.

Guest Says:
I was having the same problem with repeated E1 errors.  In my opinion the problem arises when the machine doesn't sense enough back pressure coming from the cuff.  The solution is to tighten up the cuff.

This can be very difficult to achieve if you haven't got a second person to help you.  I first tried and failed to do this by using only one hand to wrap the Velcro tipped part of the cuff tighter.

The solution was to close the cuff while still on my forearm then slipping that closed (tighter) cuff on up over my bicep.  Problem solved.

Guest Says:
Its like people on this site know more about fixing the bp cuff problems more so then the ormon company knows.  

Guest Says:
For starters, when you're in a Dr's office getting your BP checked the nurse always makes sure that the cuff is put on very snug. When you're trying to get it done at home you may or may not have help.  Trying to put the cuff on tight enough by yourself can be a daunting challenge.

Most of the time the E1 error is generated when the machine senses that the cuff isn't on tight enough.  It does this by measuring the back pressure signal from the cuff when it starts the inflation process.  Not enough back pressure signals the pump to stop pumping = E1 error.

If you are by yourself and can't get the cuff tight enough on your own:

1. You can address the problem by slightly pinching the air hose to the cuff as inflation begins. Pinching slightly anywhere on the air hose will work. It doesn't need to be at one end or the other. Be careful not to 'over pinch' or the pump will automatically shut down.

Restricting the hose slightly mimics a tight cuff and will send a signal to the pump that there's sufficient pressure to keep pumping.  

2. You can wrap the cuff loosely and close it (but not too loosely) around your forearm before sliding it up to your upper arm for a more snug fit.  A couple of times practicing the 'proper wrap' on your forearm will make this solution easily repeatable.  

No E1 error means that you got it right.

Guest Says:
I think the omron error e1 is actually making my BP go higher! :)

Guest Says:
Omron error E1 means that the air is leaking from the calf or the hose or the air hose is not plugged in correctly. First pull the hose out and insert it again. If the error persists find out about replacing the calf.

Guest Says:

Guest Says:
I found that the hose connection at the cuff had slipped and was a little loose.  I pushed the hose into the connection until there was a click. problem solved and now it works perfectly  

Guest Says:
its funny because I've had my omron for years and it just started giving me the E1 message so after reading these guests I found the answer ..I did push the tube on to the cuff so it was on all the way so air wouldn't get in and I tightened the cuff on my arm and voila, it works fine again..I got my first stent 6 yrs ago and I've been using it ever since with no problem..

GuestMike Says:
E1 ERROR IS AIR LEAKAGE. If air leaks you could tighten the arm band to hell and back and it will not help. This is BS. Omron has known about this problem yet they do nothing. Would not recommend their produces.

Le nny Phillip Says:
Try making sure the rubber tubing that connects monitor to cuff - make sure that rubber tubing is flush with the side casing. (effectively an air tight bond),
I just pushed the rubber tube as flush up to the side casing of the monitor as possible and my Omron worked like new again.

Guest Says:
Lenny, when I buy a blood pressure monitor I shouldnt have to be expected to push rubber tubes up against casings to try to make something work. The product is crap if I have to do stuff like that.

BB Says:

I got a OMRON 2 weeks old  E1 like everyone else. What a piece of junk. Back to London Drugs with you.

Chris Walls Says:
Same thing here.i had this thing like 2 months and now it gives me the e1 code and doesnt work anymore.

Guest Says:
I had the error code e1 too!after tightening the cuff,still no difference,I checked all along the tube and found a tiny split.Covered this with tape and it now works ! However this should not happen.

Daniel Kwadwo Akattah Says:
Please when you getting E1 on your OMRON,  these are things to check,  
1. Cuff or blooder as some call it.
2. Air leakage.
3. Battery or power system by (biomedical technician)
4. Pump ( biomedical technician) the secret is,
most of the pumps in this apparatus are not very strong and thire lifespans are very short.
I will suggest to the company to work on that before they lose their customers.

Guest Says:
I found a pinhole leak on the tube that connects the monitor to the cuff.  Works fine now

Guest Says:
E1 Error - tried all option....air is dissipating inside the cuff material after 5 sharp objects in table....its a sham!

Guest Says:
I received the error because I had the cuff over my thin long sleeved shirt. Removing the shirt fixed the problem.

Guest Says:
Guest Says:
what I do on mine, I got that same e1 error message on my bloodpressure cuff and I started experimenting to get it to work.  If I pinch the valve where it connects to the sleeve just as its filling up with air, then I let go as it starts to read, then it works.  It seems to be a cheap connection there, probably made in china.

========= ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ =========

I tried as suggested, pinching around end of hose and started without calf on, just to release some air. After that it started working when calf was put on.

Guest Says:
I have had the Omron blood pressure cuff for years. Now when I use it I get an E every time.  I have tried some of the suggestions listed and none of them seem to work.  Wonder if the machine is worn out.

Usedit Says:
I have 2 Omron monitors. Both display E1 error codes all the time. Unbelievable garbage. What a consumer rip.
Buy something else

Guest Says:
Place your hand on the tube where it enters the cuff and hold it down against your  arm firmly. Wait about 10 seconds and then release and wait till it finishes the cycle. Problem solved. Has not  once read error since I began to do this.  Seems like the cuff is not tight enough until some air is pumped into it.

Guest Says:
We've had an Omron BP monitor for at least 3 years with no difficulties.  Yesterday we got the E1 error and can hear a very slight air leak.  I friend also has one and has had no difficulties over 2-3 years.

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