How To Unlock Iphone When Icloud Locked

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  Posted by Guest - How To Unlock Iphone When Icloud Locked :
I have an Iphone here which is locked with find my iphone and needs an icloud ID and icloud password to reset it.

Does anyone know how I'd be able to unblock this? I cant get past that screen and I bought this from someone else on ebay.

Guest Says:
Not happening, its a security feature so only the original owner can wipe or unlock the phone.  Then you can put in your own icloud password and set it up as yours, but only after the original owner has ok'd it.  Its a great feature so that even if the iphone is stolen, it blocks anyone else from using it.

I would give the ebay seller a bad review for sure because he is probably selling stolen iphones.  If they said its icloud locked then its your issue for not reading it clearly.

Guest Says:
Dont forget the original owner can also track the iphone! You cant shut that off either so if you have a stolen iphone which you cannot wipe or reset it, then they may also be seeing on the map that you have it!

Guest Says:
The other thing is if buying on craigslist, I would try to set it up the iphone right in front of them before paying, so you can see that its been wiped clean and able to reset.  If they say they cant reset it and give you an excuse, then dont buy it as they dont know it and its certainly stolen.

E Says:
is there a way to research the iCloud account and contact owner?

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