How Do I Get Free Music On Iphone?

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  Posted by Guest - How Do I Get Free Music On Iphone? :
Is there a place to get free music downloads directly on the my iphone?

Guest Says:
Music costs the same no matter where you buy it.  You can buy mp3 on amazon, aac on itunes, etc, but they are basically all the same price for a song download with some variation but not much.

Guest Says:
If you already have mp3 songs on your computer then in itunes just do file - add to add the mp3 music to your itunes song list, you can add mp3 there easily then sync them to your iphone or ipod etc.  

If you have CDs that you want the songs off them, you can use windows media player or itunes to rip the CD to individual songs that way to, then add the music to your itunes list just like any other, and copy to iphone

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