How Can I Text People On A Cruise Ship?

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  Posted by Guest - How Can I Text People On A Cruise Ship? :
I am going on a cruise ship for the first time and I am wondering how can I text others or make phone calls on the cruise without paying alot of money or can I text free?

My phone carrier is tmobile

Guest Says:
This matters alot depending upon where you are going on the cruise which you didnt say and where you are leaving from.

Some cruise ships make stops at the Florida Keys (and Florida Keys is a great place to stop if you havent seen it), so you would have full texting and phone calling there for a day since your normal U.S. plan would work just like anywhere else in the U.S.

Cruises leave from many different locations, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Miami, etc, so you would still have cellular access for a while as they move away from the shore, but once they get to the ocean they move pretty quickly and you would no longer have cellular access, so text others and post to Instagram and Facebook before they get out to the ocean :)

Guest Says:
I went on Carnival Fascination out of Jacksonville FL to the Bahamas and I had the same question.  I could text or call etc from my cellphone for a while, but it quickly loses connection once the cruise ship starts moving away in the ocean.  You can purchase internet access time on the cruise but it costs alot, I paid around $20 for 20 minutes, I forget exactly how much it costs but it was around that.  I just used it to quickly poll email several different times and to send a text, then logged off.  Also, when I was in the Bahamas at one of the bar / restaurants I was at, they offered internet access for a cost of $5. I was only there about 2 hours at the bar but that was well worth it as I could send texts and access internet for a couple hours there (imessage is free internationally also, so I didnt have to worry about international charges, but I'm not sure if Bahamas are international or not, but either way it didnt matter to me using imessage).  Thats a good option if you need to access internet on the cruise so look for that.

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