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  Posted by Guest - My Email Shows When I Send Imessage :
Can you tell me why for whatever reason when I text other people my email shows on their phone with imessage. This means my phone number doesnt show on their phone message, they actually see my email address on the text message.

Guest Says:
Hi, go into your settings on the iphone and look at messages and you will see a section that says "receive at".  That should have your phone number showing. You probably have your email (by email its actually your icloud ID) there so the message shows the email (you will still get the message reply back if they reply to that also).  If you only want your phone number there then delete out any other entries in there other then your phone number.

Guest Says:
The reason you can put the email (icloud ID) there is because you can have your messages arrive anywhere.  For example you could be on your mac and not have your iphone by you, and someone sends a message and it goes to your iphone and mac both.  Pretty cool .... so you can reply to messaging right from the mac too.  This is why you can also send imessage from ipad or ipad also, no phone number needed.

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