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  Posted by Guest - How To Use Picato Gel :
I just got done using picato gel for treating AK actinic keratosis on my skin so I figured I would tell the story of what the dermatogist doctor told me and to explain how picato worked for me.

Basically I had a AK spot about the size of half a dime on my forehead and the dermatoligist prescribed the picato gel because he said this doesnt leave a scar or mark like using liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin would do. So he prescribed it to use for 3 days.

If you look on the package you will see the picato is either .015% or .05%   The .05 is what is used for treating AK on legs or arms and the .015 is for treating face or scalp. So basically he told me to use it 3 days as mine was on my forehead. It arrives cold so you have to be home to receive it and you must keep it in teh fridge.  Its basically 3 small tubes, and you use it once then throw away.  So once a day I put it on a q-tip (I never touch it but washed my hands anyways when done), and just glide it on the spot to cover it, pretty easy to do.  Then throw out tube and q-tip and keep other tubes in fridge until you use them.

Guest Says:
whoops submitted it early

So anyways the gel turns the skin read but other then minor itching I really dont notice much at all.  I read on internet that many feel burning and minor blistering but maybe because they used the picato on much larger areas of the face?  My area was pretty small, it kind of gets red and scaly but thats about it for me.  You cannot use it 2 hours before bed (which I assume is so you dont roll around and get it on pillow and other parts of face), so I'm guessing it wears out within 2 hours.  You also dont wash or touch the area for 6 hours after applying, so dont go swimming, shower, or jogging (sweating heavily) until 6 hours later after putting picato on the skin.

I also had a small spot on top of my ear where I applied it, but I dont notice anything there. I can even see that area turning hardly red at all, so maybe because its so much cartilage there.

Either way I just finished it up and I'm sure this is alot less then freezing with liquid nitrogen because liquid nitrogen would put a water blister there for a week.

Thats my story so far on this.  Using a q-tip to swab it on the area makes it really easy.  Be carefull never to get it in the eyes accidently, so swab it on and throw it away as soon as possible.

Guest Says:
I asked dermatogist if I should put a band aid over it and he said no, so you let it air dry also once the gel is applied

Guest Says:
I'm done using it, basically it turns red and scaly (kind of like dried skin over it, not sure if I would call it a scab), then it heals pretty quickly once done using it after that 3rd day. By day 7 you couldn't even tell anything was used, all redness was gone and you cant really even tell there was dried skin there, for me it healed pretty quickly. (on the face anyways)

Guest Says:
If you order picato at an online pharmacy (Clermont pharmacy is where I got mine), the cost is only $25 with insurance or free with insurance.  They deliver it in a cold box within a couple days so you have to be there to sign for it, because you need to keep picato in the fridge, it must be kept cold or it loses potency.  But the cost is very low if you order this gel in online pharmacy instead and there are many to choose from.

Guest Says:
I dont touch the gel at all with my hands even though it says you can, I just use a Q-tip to put picato on, then dab the spot with the Q-tip.  I figure why bother getting the stuff on your hands, this way I dont even touch it and I can also be very accurate dabbing it with the Q-tip.

Diane Says:
I swim 3 times a week and hope that I can continue doing this once I start the Picato ( for a very small mark on my leg ). I have been unable to get any advice re swimming. Can you help at all ?

Guest Says:
Diane, On my picato package it states that you can shower 6 hours after applying it, so I assume at that point it is probably not potent anymore or it wouldnt say that. I would actually just call the doctors office and ask about swimming, at least will put your  mind at ease that it wont get infected or anything like that.

Guest Says:
The picato does actually work pretty well.  I had to apply it twice, so I ended up doing it again about 2 months later, but I think thats because I didnt do it right the first time. (Because of some of the stuff listed above)

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