I Can't Get My Emails Updated????

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  Posted by Sharon - I Can't Get My Emails Updated???? :
My emails come from at&t/yahoo, but it's not updating.  The last email was posted 06/22/3025.  That's a long time ago.  When I enter a password, it tells me it's not correct.  How can I enter a new password and where?  I received billing statement in email and need my emails fast.  Please help

Guest Says:
If you are talking about Yahoo email then I'm not sure what you mean by billing statemtn, because yahoo is free webmail just like free aol webmail or free gmail etc.  

If you are referring to your at&t internet service and you are using an at&t email, then you should contact them as they are the only ones that can let you know if they are having email trouble today or not.

EdE Says:
E-mail from 1010 years in future? WOW! that's fast!!
My pat answer for e-mail issues is to use a client like Thunderbird instead of using a browser.

Did you set up a backup e-mail account? If so just click the "forgot password" on the log-in page; a recovery link will be sent to that address or cell phone#.

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