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  Posted by Guest - Imessage Arriving On My Mac :
I updated my Mac OS and it must have changed a setting because my imessages are now arriving on my Mac. I know some people like this feature but I dont want them on my Mac so some setting changed.

I looked around and dont see how to turn that messaging off on the mac.  Any idea?

Moderator Says:
I had the same issue and turned my messaging off on the mac also and for me its easiest just doing it from your phone. If you look on your phone and go to settings and then messages.  THen go into your send and receive where it shows where your messages are being received at, you probably have both your phone number and icloud email ID there like I did.

You can link your ipad or mac to imessages by logging on with your icloud account email ID, and this is telling it to send to both your phone number and your icloud ID, so its going everywhere when you get a message. Delete the email ID off there so only your phone number is listed.

Moderator Says:
Also be aware that I was getting the error message saying "email address could not be removed" when I tried to delete that icloud email ID off of imessage.  If you get that, just tap your icloud email account ID showing at the top, then tap "log out".  Then its removed and only your number will be showing and imessages only arrive at your phone, not on your ipad or not on your mac anymore. :)

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