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  Posted by Guest - How To Get More Storage Space On Iphone :
I currently have 16GB iphone but would like more space.

Is there a way to upgrade the storage space on it to 64 GB?  Do I have to use icloud to increase the storage space on it?

Guest Says:
Icloud is basically online backup, where you can save stuff in case your iphone ever crashes, that allows you retrieve your contacts or photos etc on the new iphone so you never lose them.

The easy thing to do is just unload your photos and videos (photos and videos can take up alot of space) to the computer (and if you really want to keep them, copy them to USB thumb drive from there as a permament backup, thats saved me when my computer hard drive went out as I had pictures from spring break and trips going back 10 years ago).

Guest Says:
Also, go through your pictures and videos and delete the ones you dont want.  Many have a ton of photos but really only some of them are ones you want to permanently save, so delete the ones you dont really care about, no reason to have a bunch of garbage around.

Guest Says:
Apps can take up alot of storage space also if you use ones that are basically web browsing and storing pages etc.  You can check how much app space is used in your settings though, most of your space is probably consumed by videos as iphones have HD quality video that is great but can also take up lots of space.  Be carefull about keepign alot of videos stored.

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