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  Posted by Guest - How To Get Past Apple Id Activation Screen :
How can I get past the iphone activation screen where it requires you to enter a user id and password.

Also is this the icloud locked screen or is that something else?

Guest Says:
When you attempt to wipe the iphone and set it up as your own, yes that is called icloud locked. That is a security feature, so the previous owner must wipe it first so their ID is not on it anymore and its unlocked, then you can enter your own ID and password and set the iphone up as your own.

Keep in mind also you cannot turn off find my iphone either so if the iphone is turned on right now, then its notifying the owner where on the map the phone is located.  If you bought the iphone used then you need to verify this before buying it, and if they cant wipe it then most likely the iphone is stolen.

No there is no way around it.

Guest Says:
In the older versions of iOS you could get past the lock screen by wiping the phone.  Thats a thing of the past.  Dont ever buy an iphone without making sure its not icloud locked first.

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