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  Posted by Guest - How To Stop Effective Power Bug On Iphone :
There is a bug for iphone that occurs when you send a text that says effective power and then has a bunch of arabic characters and symbols, it then reboots the iphone. Any idea how to stop this effective power bug or is it only on iphones too?

Guest Says:
Actually that doesn't do anything unless you have the banner notifications turned on.  Apple already announced they are releasing a patch, so it will probably be out in a day or two.  The the simple thing is to just turn off banner notifications and the bug message has effect on anything.

Guest Says:
I read that one person online had to type it about 50 times to get it right because of all the wierd characters.

Jay Says:
The effective power bug only is caused because of an error in banner notifications in the iphone settings. Turn that off and then nothing happens when someone sends you the message. When Apple releases the patch, then you can turn that option back on.

Jay Says:
Go to settings then notifications then messages and disable notifications.

Guest Says:
This is what apple said to temporarily resolve it if you get it, at least until they can release a patch. This will get your messages back to normal.

1) Ask Siri to "read unread messages."

2) Use Siri to reply to the malicious message and after you reply, you'll be able to open messages again.

3) In messages just swipe left to delete the entire thread.

Guest Says:
I was able to delete it but the app still crashes

Guest Says:
Upgrading to the latest iOS now fixes this message bug

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