Painfull Ribs When Breathing And Inhaling

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  Posted by Guest - Painfull Ribs When Breathing And Inhaling :
I will pass along some details on my pain in my ribs as this information may help others, but I had extremely painfull ribs to the point that everytime I inhaled it would be a shocking pain. I hurt my upper right rib on the chest when I was leaning over a bar and had pressure on that one rib.  For about 2 weeks everytime I inhaled or breathed my ribs would hurt bad, and they would be really sore and painfull in the mornings getting out of bed. Even the process  of laying down or getting up was painfull.  I did not go to the doctor because I assumed it was just torn rib cartilage or a cracked rib, but there is alot of cartilage in the ribs and I didnt hit the rib hard, so I assumed it was torn cartilage or badly bruised ribs rather then a cracked rib.  Either way I didnt go to the doctor as I figured the doctor cant do much for this anyways in my case.

I just want to let people know that something I did really helped it heal MUCH faster, so maybe others can benefit from this same scenario if they hurt their ribs like I did.  The first 7 days were terrible and hardly improved at all, but it changed greatly when I started sleeping in a recliner and not laying down anymore. I think the laying down was really putting stress on that area, and I was really sore in the morning getting up and really sore trying to move or find any position where I could sleep.  I took a guess that this was making it worse, and started sleeping in the recliner and the results were incredible.  It was really tight after the first night when I got up, but once I got moving around I could tell it healed more that night then the previous week COMBINED.  I then didnt lay down again at anytime night or day, and only slept in recliner.  After the 2nd night my rib was probably 40% better.  It was hard to believe the difference and I could fully inhale and take deep breaths with no pain at all.  Thats a huge improvement compared to the previous week and pain I went through where it hurt to inhale or breath all week long and didnt seem to be healing hardly at all.  Within 5 days of sleeping in the recliner, I was almost 100% pain free. I think the lesson to learn here is if you have sore ribs, whatever you are doing that feels like it is stressing them the most, then dont do it even if that means how you sleep.  If its laying down as it was for me, then find a different way as you need to let it rest.

Keep in mind my ribs were hurting breathing, sitting, and even standing up out of a chair had to be done carefully, but the first few hours of the morning were terrible after laying down all night.  Thats probably why most rib injuries a doctor will tell you is 4 to 6 weeks to heal, because everything you do keeps stressing the ribs more.  Finding a way to not do that really helped my ribs heal fast.  I'm certain if I kept laying down at night I would have been struggling with rib pain for another 4 weeks.

Guest Says:
The doctor could give you pain medication if need though, but you can also take ibuprofen to help with that. If you had really hit something hard where you may have had a broken rib, then a doctor should be seen as doctors can tell you if the broken rib may cause more damage to you but you would have had to hit something hard for that to occur.

Guest Says:
There is a reason why they say broken ribs are one of the most painful things lol :-)  No easy way to heal because you are always moving, always coughing or sneezing, and you will feel every one of them depending on where the rib is broken or what area on your side.  You just have to do whatever you can to rest it so its not hurting.

Guest Says:
I had similiar situation where I felt "burning" in my ribs because I leaned over an object (kind of sideways) to pick something up off the ground, and my weight was somewhat sideways and all the rib pressure was on one point. UGH .... I wont make that mistake again. My guess is something "tore" in the rib area, certainly not enough hit to break a rib, mostly just all weight on it. I'm very conscious not to do that again, it was a "pulling" and "burning" that I suddenly felt and I knew something was REALLY wrong at that moment and I quickly lifted up away from it. A day later I couldn't move, couldn't lay down, couldnt hard sit without pain.  That SUCKED, you have to find what is the position where you can sit or watch tv or even sleep without pain.  Once you find the position that doesn't hurt, thats how you have to remain because it will hurt alot and will seem to never heal if you aren't carefull.

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