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  Posted by lily - They Were Contacting Me Regarding A Craiglist Add :
they responded to my job application saying that i was hired and that they would mailed me a check ,i have found out this is just a scam the problem is im really scared because i told them my adress and sended them a photo of me what should  do?

Guest Says:
I wouldn't worry about it, just break off contact with them.  These are probably people overseas that have done this with dozens of people on craigslist hoping to get a payoff from their scam. Just ignore them and dont respond anymore.

Guest Says:
There are alot of job hiring scams on craigslist. Many try talk to you for a while then try to get you to pay money to continue for whatever reason, it could be applications or any other excuse. Dont do it.  Never wire money or do stuff like this.

Guest Says:
craigslist is good but there are also alot of scams because its free. Just stick to the rule that you will exchange money locally, meet during daytime in parking lots where people are around (think target, walmart, grocery stores) during day light, and cash only exchange.  Scammers wont even reply because they dont want to do it that way, any sensible person will gladly do it that way.

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