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  Posted by Guest - What Does Refurbished Mean? :
I see alot of good deals on refurbished products, and I see refurbished phones or laptops that are far cheaper then normally they would be. Have you ever bought a refurbished phone or refurbished laptop? I dont really want to get ripped off on the deal so I'm confused what refurbished really means.

Guest Says:
Refurbished is not a bad thing, most are actually sold as new so they have all the same default warranty as a brand new one, but you can check with the seller on that. Refurbished could mean that someone just returned the phone within a couple days for any reason to exchange it, or it could mean a laptop or phone is refurbished because it had a bad part, so the bad part was replaced and its now like new again.  

In case you are wondering I bought a refurbished laptop years ago because it was alot cheaper then a new laptop, and I used it for years and never had a problem with it.  I wouldn't have any problem buying a refurbished phone or laptop, just make sure you are buying from a reputable business.

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