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  Posted by Guest - How To Increase Volume On Iphone :
Is there a way to increase the microphone on my iphone?  People are telling me they cant hear me when we talk. I can hear them just fine but they are saying my voice is really quiet.  I cant figure out how to increase mic volume!

Moderator Says:
Make sure if you put a case on it that its not covering the small mic on the bottom of your iphone.  Thats the first thing I would check. Also you cannot increase the mic volume on it, but you should never even need to do that.  

Do this test also - Open the voice memos icon on the iphone, speak and record into it the same way you do on a phone call whether speaking into speaker or speaking into headset, and then play back the voice memo and see how you sound. If you sound fine then its probably nothing on your end.

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