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  Posted by Guest - What Exactly Is Imessage? Please Explain :
I have a new iphone and I dont understand imessage. Does imessage only work over wifi or celltowers also?  Also if I turn imessage off in settings what will happen? Will I be able to receive texts from non Iphone users when imessage is turned off.  Will those people with imessage and iphones be able to receive any text messages that I send if its turned off?

Guest Says:
Let me explain :)

Imessage just means if you recognize the receiver as an iphone user with imessage turned on, then send as imessage. It arrives the same as an SMS normal text message, its just that imessage has no cost and is free, even if sending to another country imessage is free. You should always leave this on even if you have unlimited texting, because maybe others dont.

If for some reason another iphone user had their imessage turned off, then they would receive it as an SMS text message and your side would automatically send it as an SMS text message.

Guest Says:
So just leave it on always?

Guest Says:
Yes leave it on, there is really no reason to ever shut off imessage in settings. There is also an option there to send as SMS text message if imessage doesnt go through (for whatever reason, lets say its down), then it automatically goes as SMS so nothing you have to do.

Another important point is that even an ipod or ipad can send imessages too, free of charge and no monthly cellphone plan. This is because you set imessage up with your phone number in the settings so people text your phone number, but ipod and ipad users can also set that up with their Apple ID, and people just text the ID instead of phone number. This arrives as a message just like a phone would, and it works over wifi.  So this is a great thing as you can text ipod and ipad users without them even having monthly contracts and they can also text you back using imessage :)

Guest Says:
do i ever care to know if its imessage or not or does it matter

Guest Says:
If you were in another country it would matter because its free this way.  You always know if its an imessage or not because the little text box you type in, look closely at it, when you put your cursor in that it will say either "imessage" or "text", so it tells you before if the receiver has iphone/ipod/ipad. Then when you send imessage is blue tint while regular text message is green tint.

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