How Do I Use An Iphone With No Service

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  Posted by Guest - How Do I Use An Iphone With No Service :
Can I use my iphone as an ipod? Meaning over wifi without paying any monthly bills?

I dont have service on it anymore but wondering what I need to do in order to use the iphone over wifi only.

Guest Says:
You can always use an iphone free over wifi, just like you would an ipod touch. Alot of people buy ipods for that reason, so there is no monthly bill and you can still use apps over wifi and access the internet.  

There is nothing special you need to do, you just wont be able to make celltower phone calls or have any cellphone bill and wont be able to message through celltowers or any celltower use, it will just be wifi only.

Guest Says:
I can still use imessage right? I still want to use that.

Guest Says:

Yeah you can use both facetime and imessage over wifi. SMS messaging you wont have, but imessage or any apps for messaging can be done over wifi.  You will use your icloud email in the "receive at" settings in imessage, before it used to be your phone number but you have no phone number anymore in this case. It will not be emails sent to you though, it still arrives as normal messages.  Its just that you identified yourself on the iphone with the ID (email) so people message that instead of your phone number but imessage arrives just like it would before on your side.  Many people use this over wifi just like you are saying.

Guest Says:
you can always use an iphone even if it  has no service on it, it would be just like an ipod. You cant make phone calls with it but anywhere you can connect to wifi you can use imessage to text or use apps or maps etc.

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