How Do I Get Music Free On My Iphone?

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  Posted by Guest - How Do I Get Music Free On My Iphone? :
I am looking for a way to get free music like my other phone had but I cant seem to find a way on my iphone.  How can I do this?  I also have some of my other music as mp3 format and would like to put those on my iphone also.

Guest Says:
I have alot of old mp3 files and I put them on my iphone and ipod both, here is how I do it.  
First you want to connect your iphone or ipod to the computer and then open itunes. You can actually put mp3 files right on your iphone just like you do any aac format as all you need to do is add the mp3 files into itunes first. So in your music list (on your computer, not the iphone or ipod music list) find the file - add option to add folder or add file and select our mp3 files.  You will see the songs added to your music list.  

Build your music list and then sync it to your iphone or ipod just like you would with any other music list.  This works great and I have done this for years.

Guest Says:
As far as free music, yes there are places you can download mp3 music files for free, but these are really pirated sites located outside the U.S.  You can buy mp3 files on amazon or you can convert files to mp3 format in itunes also.

Keep in  mind though if its a popular song free then its really pirated sites as thats why you see free apps get taken down or removed all the time because they are trying to allow pirated music like this. All they do is just download free music through the illegal websites.

The same reason you dont see free movies anywhere, this is all copyright material.

Guest Says:
Another option to get free mp3 files is to take any old CD's laying around and rip them to free mp3 music files, this is really easy to do and you can windows media player for this. This is perfectly LEGAL also because the CD's were bought so dont throw out old CD's as they can easily be ripped to free mp3 files or other music formats if you want.

Guest Says:
I use mp3 files all the time for my music. I prefer keeping all formats the same and not having all different types.

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