What Does Icloud Locked Mean On Iphone?

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  Posted by Guest - What Does Icloud Locked Mean On Iphone? :
What does it mean when they say the iphone is icloud locked. I see alot of cheap iphones that I can buy online but many of them describe the phone as icloud locked. The prices are really good though but it concerns me that they are this cheap and can I buy the iphone and remove any icloud lock on it?

Guest Says:
Iphones have built in security and its called icloud lock. This is a GREAT feature iphones have, and what this does is if your iphone gets stolen and someone else tries to wipe or reset the iphone back to factory, they cant do it. It will require the icloud password of the original owner, which means you are stuck.  DO NOT BUY an iphone that is icloud locked! You will not get past it and you will end up with a paper weight.

If people are selling it that way then it means its stolen because otherwise they would put their password in and wipe it so they can sell the iphone for a higher price! They might have a bunch of excuses why its icloud locked, but you can bet its stolen and they are making excuses.

If you know the original owner they you can give them the iphone and they can enter their password, and that will wipe it, then you can set it up as your own.  The other thing is you cannot turn off find my iphone either, which means the original owner can see on the map where the iphone is located, and it will show your house and it may look like you are the one who stole it.  The icloud password is needed just to be able to turn off find my iphone so buyer beware. These are great features if you are the owner of an iphone though.

Guest Says:
I see people saying icloud locked alot on ebay, that explains why the iphones are so cheap I guess :)

Lahrasab Says:
Is there any solution for this icloud locked i buy an iphone which icloud plz suggest me the solution.....plz

joel Says:
i want to bypass icloud 4s can u have any solution

Guest Says:
If you could bypass icloud lock then obviously it wouldnt be called security.  It wont be happening.

GuestJerry Warrick Says:
I seen a add just before I read your article, that said I phone cloud unlocked restored to factory settings  $28.00.why is this on the Internet.

GuestJerry Warrick Says:
I seen a add just before I read your article, that said I phone cloud unlocked restored to factory settings  $28.00.why is this on the Internet.

Guest Jerry Warrick Says:
I gave the man who was trying to sell the iPhone 6 he just bought for  $450.00 for only  $1.00 dollar. The address of where I saw the add and it had been removed, I guess my other reply helped get a scam removed .

Guest Says:
Those are typically scams where they say they can unlock your iphone for $, so you pay the money and its going to china or russia, etc, then you never hear from them again.

Guest Says:
Dont forget that an icloud locked phone can also be tracked by the original iphone user. You cant turn off find my iphone and you cant wipe the phone without their icloud password, so the owner can see the last location when you turn it on, so it may show them your house.  

I like that feature by the way but if its not yours then thats a problem. :)   Always make sure its wiped before ever buying a new one.

yawar shah Says:
thats a great thing in i phone

Guest Says:

Guest Says:
i couldn't get it please tell me what does it mean??

Guest Says:
explain about iphone icloud. what should buy this type of iphone?

mohsin Says:
what if my phone all ready cloudlock

Guest Says:
So is this a new feature? Because my iPhone 5c was stolen and they wiped it clean without my password and the find my iPhone never showed me where it was just showed me the last place I knew it was.

Jay Says:
Hey I need help this phone I have is on activism locked and the passwords I keep trying won't work

Uj Says:
Can't we call or msg ..... Or cant we do anything..if iphone is icloud locked

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