How Do I Reset Iphone That Is Icloud Locked?

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  Posted by Guest - How Do I Reset Iphone That Is Icloud Locked? :
I have an iphone that is currently icloud locked, how do I wipe the phone and start it over so I can set it up as my own?  It is asking me for a previous owners password (icloud password) when I try to set the iphone up.

The iphone is not jailbroken or anything like that.

Guest Says:
Thats a security feature, you are pretty much stuck with a paper weight. If you dont know the password then obviously its stolen, otherwise reset your password if it is your icloud password.  If you bought the iphone on craigslist or ebay, then NEVER buy one that is icloud locked as you wont get around it. Its a great security feature that iphones have, and it also allows the owner to use find my iphone and see that the phone is in your house right now, because you cant turn that off either without the icloud password. So be aware its notifying them right now if you have it on.

Guest Says:
I meant to say if buying on craigslist, check this first, make sure you are past that screen and if it asks for the password, hand it to the seller and tell them to enter their icloud password.

If they wont do it, or have some excuse, then its stolen as they were hoping you wouldn't check that.

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