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  Posted by Guest - Swollen Jaw In Back :
My jaw hinge in the back has been swollen on and off for over two months.  At first my cheeks were swelling up and shooting pain and swelling up my jaw line everytime I ate.  So I went to the dentist and he said I had a saliva gland infection.  After three rounds of anti botics this didn't go away.  An oral surgeon decide to give me a CT and nothing showed up in that.  Now my jaw at the hinge continues to hurt and swell up.  I no longer have my salvia glands swelling in my cheeks.  Every morning I wake up with a sore jaw hinge.  I do grind and clench my teeth at night.  I do wear a night gaurd, but it is getting worse.  If I eat something it swells and is sore.  It does go away after 15- 30 minutes.  The swelling does cease however the jaw hinge continues to be sore.  Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be or if it happened to you?  Thanks

Guest Says:
Did you go to an ear nose and throat doctor?  Look them up, they are sometimes called ENT doctors.  They are experts in this area and can determine if its something like a stone blocking the saliva gland (which in your case that seems to be the case at least for a while until it freed up).

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