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  Posted by Guest - Lost Iphone :
Lost my iphone and I did call my carrier (verizon) and cancelled it so can Apple do anything to help find it?

Moderator Says:
The next thing you should do is go to http://www.icloud.com sign on, and then put your iphone in lost mode.  What does lost mode on the iphone do?  All kinds of cool stuff, you can remotely lock it, remotely put a message on that (to indicate to someone its stolen or who to call etc), and you begin tracking so it will show you exactly where its at.  Be aware that if someone stole it and has it turned off, whenever if turns back on tracking will immediately begin.

Assuming you have find my iphone turned on of course.

Guest Says:
Also make sure to use the option to put a message on the screen, thats a permanent message that cannot be removed. Put something similiar to "Lost iphone, contact me at xxxxxx@aol.com"  (Just get a free webmail at mail.aol.com or yahoo or any other etc, dont use your real email just get a garbage email to check it).  That way they can never sell it as even if its icloud locked some dont know so this they will see on the screen.  

Plus some people actually try to return lost phones, but dont know who to contact.  Putting that message on there will give them a way to contact you.

Guest Says:
Is there a way to track the iphone if I did not have find my iphone installed o n it?

Jim Says:
If you didn't have find my iphone turned on?  lol, no, thats just being lazy so consider it gone.  You made it easy for someone else to steal it and make it their own.

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