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  Posted by A Poor Man ): - Forgot Apple Id Email :
My IPhone 4 broke a little while ago and I had to settle for using an old Envy. Well, other people who have IPhones still send me imessages and I cant receive them since I have an Envy. I was told that I needed to log on my Apple ID and turn off imessages on there. However, my sister set up my apple id account and she used a different email than my usual one for some reason. but now she doesn't remember what she made it and I don't remember either. I know the email was a yahoo one. Does anyone know what I can do because a lot of my friends have iPhone and im sure they are not going to remember to send me a text messages instead of an imessage everytime.

Guest Says:
You will need to reset your apple ID account and then you can go into that and deactivate it.

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