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  Posted by Guest - Forgot Apple Id Password :
this is going to sound stupid but I have no idea what my apple id and password is and obviously this is needed to use iphone setup.  Do I have to go to the apple store to get this resolved or is there any way to find out what my setup was??????

Guest Says:
I'm guessing you are trying to use icloud or find my iphone and forgot your password  :-0
You can actually get your password reset again by going to

I'm sure you can also go to an apple store but they will probably just walk your through this same link or maybe they can verify who you are but the link should resolve any ID or password issue you have.

Guest Says:
what if I dont know my actual Apple ID ??  This above recovers password but I dont know the ID

Guest Says:

You can find your Apple ID by going to this site and answering questions, then once you have your apple ID you can use the password recover site listed at the top.

Guest Says:
This works thanks!!!

Guest Says:
My Apple ID is disabled can you HELP!!!

Eby steephan Says:
The devise is saying that maximum number of iCloud account is used .Can you helping me in making new iCloud account

Guest Says:
I forgot my password to my phone Itunes wont let me restore it tell I turn off find my Iphone how do i turn off find my Iphone without being able to get into my phone

Guest Says:
You cant turn off find my iphone without the password, thats part of the security feature of iphones.  No way around it.  You will get scammed following the info on the net.

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