Should I Wipe Iphone Before Selling It

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  Posted by Guest - Should I Wipe Iphone Before Selling It :
I actually may just give my iphone away to a friend of mine rather then selling it, its an older iphone. Is there anyhthing I need to do? I know them so its not like its something confidential I care that they see on my iphone or anything like that

Guest Says:
Anyone selling their iphone should erase all content and settings on it, this is true even if you are just giving it away to your brother or sister.  The main reason is that they need to be able to set it up as their own, and with the security on iphones its important you erase or wipe this first so they can do this.  
All you need to do is use the option called "erase all content and settings", this will require you to enter your apple id and password, then it will be clean and they can set it up as their own phone.  
This is done in your iphone settings:
settings - general - reset- erase all content and settings

Dan Says:
This rule above is true not only if selling your iphone, this is true even if trading in your iphone or upgrading, always wipe it this way first as this completely clears everything off it including your data and find my iphone feature.

Guest Says:
Can anyone get an apple id and password free?

Guest Says:
yes, to get a new apple id just go to

Guest Says:
I would actually log off of icloud, imessage, twitter, facebook, etc first, then wipe it with the erase content option as stated above.  I know it says that it wipes everything clean but I still feel better logging out of stuff first :)  

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