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  Posted by MarkT - Iphone Stolen?? :
So my iphone was stolen (or just lost), can I get this back by having a carrier check the serial number or what do I do now that its stolen, any way to get it back?

Guest Says:
Mark, the first thing anyone should do is call your carrier and have it cancelled. This will make sure they are not using your iphone to call or text message on your plan at this very moment.

Second, the big question is did you have "find my iphone" on?  Hopefully the answer is yes, because this is a GREAT feature. Most dont even know everything it does. If you had it on, put your iphone in "lost mode" as soon as possible!

You can do this by signing on to http://icloud.com/find from any computer.  This give you options to will automatically lock your screen with a passcode and even put a message on the screen (like your email or phone number so someone can contact you if found) to help you get it back.
Other options include remotely wiping it, it is a powerfull option that Apple has added.  According to the Apple documentation, it also says you keep the message displaying on it even if you remotely wipe the iphone!  This also means if they are trying to sell your iphone then they cant get rid of that message, so everyone would know its stolen!
Note that this feature can do something all other phones cannot do, it prevents the iphone from anyone ever using it again.  This means even attempting to wipe the phone or selling in another country, the iphone will not work.  Its really something thieves hate! These features work also with ipad and ipod touch, so its something everyone should have turned on!

Finally, if you had iphone 5S or later versions, hopefully you had the fingerprint lock on (or even a passcode), as there is no way they would be able to get past that before you had a chance to do the things above, especially important if you had stuff on the iphone you didn't want them to access.

Moderator Says:
Once you signon to http://www.icloud.com the first thing to do is put it in lost mode. Thats the first step along with calling your carrier and having it reported stolen.

When your phone is in lost mode it will notify you on the map where the phone is located, and even if they have it powered off they are stuck because they cant turn it on without it notify you of the location.  Make sure you do these 2 things immediately.

Another cool thing with that is even if you lost it in your house you can also make the phone beep so know where its located.

Moderator Says:
The important thing here is if you are an iphone owner then you need to download and turn on find my iphone. Any iphone user that is not doing this is making a big mistake and making it easy for thieves to steal your iphone.

J12 Says:
Cant they just wipe the iphone and restore it?

Guest Says:
J12, nope.  They cannot turn off find my iphone and also cannot wipe the iphone as both require your icloud password to do so. Thats also why if buying a used iphone you make them prove its wiped before you buy it to guarantee its not stolen.

Syerra Says:
I was in 6 and some one stole my iphond

Guest Says:
but i dont have a icloud

Guest Says:
I lost my iphone 5s yesterday at school. I really know that someone stole it. My classmates tried to call it and is still ringing. I don't know what to do because it is on silent mode and I never signed in to icloud. What should I do???

Guest Says:
Use find my iphone. If you were too lazy to turn that on then I would just consider it gone.  You made it easy for someone to take it so just move on.

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