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  Posted by Guest - Iphone Wont Charge :
My dad had an older iphone and gave it me but it doesn't seem to charge right. he had this iphone for around 2 and half years or so but got a new one so I now have the old iphone and i'm trying to charge it. When I charge the phone, sometimes it wont even charge. other times it charged when the battery percentage wasnt low or battery showed higher. What can I do about this?

Guest Says:
Try the following steps to narrow it down, before taking it to an apple store or trying to get a new battery in it.

1) First try connecting the chord to both computer and wall. If you have a bad usb port or computer connection, we need to make sure thats not a problem.  So if wont charge using the wall, then we know thats eliminated.

2) After that check, if it still didn't work, try a different chord.  The chords can go bad.  For example get your car charger and try that to see if the iphone charges. If that works fine, then you have a bad chord. If you dont have a car charger then your dad should get one regardless if you use it or not, as in an emergency if on the road, if the cellphone has no power you will be kicking yourself for not have a chord that can charge your iphone in the car. Plus if traveling you will want to have that just to charge while on the road even if not an emergency. Always make sure you have the ability to charge in the car.

3) Power it off an back on. If you are like me and haven't turned the iphone off in 2 years (I never do, no reason to, I just flip the mute switch in the corner when I go to bed), then worth a try to do this just to see if it helps when having a charging problem like you are having.

4) After those checks, if the iphone still won't charge, restore the iphone back to factory. Back it up first of course, this is worth a check just to make sure that something wierd hasn't happened so its worth a try.

5) If none above worked, then I would make an appointment at the apple store as your iphone probably needs a new battery. Getting a new battery in it will make it work like a brand new phone again.

Guest Says:
If you do need to buy a new chord, check Amazon. I bought a new chord there for really cheap price (make sure its not coming from China though, it will say on the Amazon site).

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