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  Posted by Guest - New Iphone - Do I Need To Have Imessage On :
I bought a new iphone and I have a question on imessage. Do I need to have it on to receive messages.  This is somewhat confusing betweene imessages and text messages

Guest Says:
No, if you have imessage turned off on your iphone that just means all your messages will be sent and received by SMS text messaging.  Messages go through whether you have imessage on or off, the difference is with imessage on, your messages are all free.  That means you and the person on the other end if they have imessage on also.  It doesn't count against your tech plan, and its true even if sending imessages internationally (regular text messages would cost more sending to other countries).  Even if you have unlimited text messaging plan, turn on imessage on your iphone because the other people may not, so its a money saver as many have a lower text plan because most of the messages they send are imessages, so it can save on your monthly plan.

Guest Says:
You will always know if the other person has imessages too because when you are ready to type in the little edit box it will change to "imessage" instead of "text message".  When you send it, it also has a blue tint on the background if its an imessage so you always know.

The other thing is even if you dont have a cellular or text messaging plan, you can use imessage even without any carrier as you can use this over wifi. This means ipad and ipod touch can also use imessage, you just use your email in the settings to identify the device as you, then people text your email address since you dont have a phone number, and it arrives as text messages back and forth.

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