Should I Charge Iphone New Out Of The Box

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  Posted by Guest - Should I Charge Iphone New Out Of The Box :
Hi, I just bought a new iphone and I'm wondering if i should just charge it immediately out of the box?  any advice?  The instructions dont say anythign about this.

Guest Says:
I'll tell you what I do, and I have never had a battery issue with any iphone I have owned.
I charge it when it drops below 20% roughly. Sometimes when under 30% or under 10%, it varies but thats about the time I charge it. I almost always charge it overnight when sleeping (I never turn the phone off, I just flip the mute switch in the corner at night). All that talk about dont overcharge an iphone is all a bunch of garbage in my opinion when it comes to iphones, they dont have those issues.  If I'm traveling somewhere then I charge it up before leaving even if its 60% or so.  Then again if I'm traveling by car then I always have the cellphone charger in my vehicle glovebox so its not an issue to charge in emergency. Thats critical to have that chord by the way! I would get that if you dont have one to charge by cigarette lighter or USB in your vehicle.

I also have used it often while the iphone is charging, not alot but some, and no issues for me. Out of the box I would just use it as is unless it already shows low battery.  If the battery isn't low then use until it drops as stated above and when it gets down to 20% I would charge it overnight as stated.

Guest Says:
how much time it takes to fully charge an iphone 5s from 0% to 100%

Guest Says:
The new charger port seems to work much faster then the older iphones, I havent timed mine but its pretty quick

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