How To Bake A Turkey

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  Posted by Judy - How To Bake A Turkey :
Do I put water in the bottom of my roaster the put the turkey in the water

Guest Says:
I would just leave the bottom of the pan empty (you can throw vegetables all around it or inside it if you want, it will fill up with alot of juice from the turkey once it start baking.  I would also put one of those turkey bags around the turkey and punch a couple holes in the top of the bag and on the side so the juice can fill the pan, that will keep it really moist and make it cook better throughout.

Typically its around 4 hours at 325 degrees for a 20 pound turkey (thawed) if baking with the turkey bag on the turkey, but by far the easiest way is to have one with the thermometer that pops out, then you know for sure the inside is always done.

Guest Says:
Also, make sure when you put it in the oven that the turkey side with the popup thermometer is facing the glass on the oven, that way its easy to check and see when it pops up.

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