Jaw Swelling

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  Posted by Erol - Jaw Swelling :
I have read your topic and found it it very useful. This is what happened to me today at 10.20am on the 8th Nov 13. I have repapered my self a breakfast as I was chewing the first bit of bread in my mouth I felt something strange was happening on the left of my face, I felt that my face was growing, like a balloon,the person in front me said what is happening on your face? I was panicked  and left the breakfast table and gone to the A&E and waited there 1 hour and seen by a doctor..he told me the exactly the same things which is , i am having a tiny stone or something is blocking the passage way for the glans can not release it self and back pressure is causing the excess swelling on the jaw area and the front of my ear getting really hard...medicine was lots of water..by that  time my face started to getting better, I come home and carried on my breakfast where i left it,,,,couple of chewing and swallowing food I felt my face was growing up again....but this time i have noticed specially spicy and sharp tasting food was causing more swelling.....almost 11 hours gone by nad I just had my dinner.......i said to my wife watch my face..swelling..she said oh my God.....I shall continue light massaging on the area and will try to drink lots of water...and see how long will it take to go away this rare  illness..I shall keep you informed on the next days....

Guest Says:
It actually took me about 4 days (or maybe 5) when I had this, it sounds like it isn't working but just keep doing it. Drink water throughout the day so you are well hydrated, on mine it was no stone but just to dry.  I was also eating sour candy to put pressure on it as anything spicy or sour will make you salivate more and swell.  

It does show the importance of staying hydrated, I have never had this issue since but now occasionally at night if I'm feeling thristy I'll drink a large glass of water to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Guest Says:
I would always have a doctor check that swelling out just to make sure that its not infected.  I guess as long as draining so the swelling goes down then its probably ok but it makes sense to have a doctor at least check it

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